How to Become a Better Interviewer

A 3 minute read, Posted on Tue, Aug 1, 2017

Oftentimes, interviewing potential job candidates is not an easy task. This is generally due to a variety of different factors from the power-structure associated with the act of a job interview to the personality of the individual being interviewed. However, it does not need to be a monumental task. Here are just a few ways to not only become a better interviewer but also become better at reading the person you are interviewing.

Put the Interviewee at Ease

If you want to get a read on the true personality and temperament of the interviewee, you need to make sure that the individual is as relaxed as possible. This can be done through a few simple, yet effective ways. First, always offer the individual a snack or a beverage. This makes you seem accommodating and less intimidating. You may also want to offer this again once the interview is almost over, to increase the act’s effects. When interviewees are not intimidated, they will open up to you much easier. Next, begin the interview with chit-chat. Going straight into the cliché interview questions can make the interaction seem awkward and possibly tenser. During this chit-chat, you can also learn more about the person, by asking them simple personal questions. Questions that are not occupational-centric can cause the interviewee to explain things in their own personality-based way, allowing you to read them a bit better.

Ask Them Problem-Solving or Conceptual Questions

One way to really get down to how someone thinks is to ask them to solve a problem or to think about an advanced concept. Usually, these types of questions are occupation-specific, as it is important to know how someone would handle a very complex problem that fits within their job description. You may want to make sure it is not a cliché question, as many interviewees Google search answers to more general interview questions in order to prepare for various interviews. By asking specific problem-solving questions, you, as the interviewer, can witness, in real-time, the process in which the interviewee thinks and comes up with solutions. You may even want to ask questions like the famous Microsoft interview question, “Why are manhole covers round,” just to see what type of answer they give, as there are a variety of possible answers.

While these two methods are pretty effective ways of performing a better interview as well as reading the true personality of an interviewee, one of the most effective ways to become better is to practice. So, if you combine these methods and practice, you should become a natural interviewer in no-time.